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Vox Talking Books have a permanently attached electronic element that allows your child to listen and read along with the book. There is also a headphone jack making this a great addition to those long car rides. They are great for kids that are just learning to read, as bedtime stories and more. They are located at the end of our Picture Book section. Books circulate for three weeks and are limited to two at a time per household.

beanstacklogoWe are excited to introduce Milford Public Library patrons to Beanstack, an online portal that provides free personalized recommendations to your children.  This new, online service is free to Milford Public Library cardholders.  Patrons can sign up here and use Beanstack from their home computer, mobile devices, or in the library.  Beanstack is an innovative new way to connect children and their families with books and educational apps that match each child's interests, age, and reading level.

Every week, a book in the library‚Äôs collection will be suggested specifically for each registered child based on the information customers provide in their online profile. Recommendations are sent by email and are also available via an online profile that families can access anytime. In addition, each recommendation is accompanied by a learning guide containing helpful tips, background information, and activities to encourage engagement and critical thinking.With Beanstack you can also participate in our 1000 Books Before Kindergarten program.  Simply enroll your child(ren) as readers and start logging titles. Badges will be awarded at set levels and you will receiving notifications of when you reach prize levels.  We will also be running several reading challenges throughout the year so keep an eye out for those too. Click here to join in the fun.

Wednesday Nights 6:45-7:45PM  
For grades 3-5 with participating guardian(s)

Share in the joy of reading with your children and join us for an evening of fun and engaging conversation. Siblings are welcome to join us.  Registration for all residents begins four weeks before the event.  We will have several copies available of the current book at the Youth Desk and we can place requests on your account if we run out.  Discussion questions will be available in advance. Watch for upcoming dates in our Winter Program flyer coming soon.

In October of 2016, Public Act 306 was signed into law.  In short, all 3rd Grade students not scoring proficint on the 3rd grade English Languages Arts state assessment will be retained.  This means any child in kindergarten this year is impacted by this new law. 

As a library card holder you have access to many resources to help prepare your child for Kindergarten and beyond.  Starting as infants we offer storytimes through age 5.  These programs help introduce your child develop language by learning how sounds build words.  They also learn social skills that help build confidence.  Kids develop a love of reading when books are a part of their childhood.  Build lifelong readers and you build livelong learners.

Another great sources is MeL Kids at kids.mel.org.  The Michigan eLibrary offers support for school projects through access to databases, encyclopedias and more.  A favorite resourc is Scholastic Bookflix for Pre-K through 3 this is an interactive experience that allows beginning readers to explore fiction and non-fiction titles designed to increase understanding and fluency. 

Check out Mel.org and see what they have for the whole family.

March 14, 2016

We've recently created a new section in our Easy Reader collection.  We now have a small, but growing, number of nonfiction easy readers.  These are located at the end of the fiction easy readers.  Like the other easy readers, they have red (easy), black (intermediate), and white (advanced) dots on their spines to guide you in matching books with reading abilities. Soon, we will be moving easy-to-read books that we currently have in our regular youth nonfiction collection over to this new section.  In the meantime, please let us know if you don't see what you're looking for in the new collection and we will see if we have it elsewhere in the youth department.  Below are some samples of the new titles we've recently added:

Afghanistan   AllAboutHockeyMilkToIceCreamMonsterShips               





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