How do I get or renew a library card

Milford Public Library cards are available to:

  • Residents of Milford Township and the Village and to
  • Non-resident property owners with tax proof for a three year card, renewable with current year's tax proof verification or
  • Non-resident employees of a local business with proof of employment for a one year card, renewable with current year's employment verification.


Children under eighteen must be accompanied by a parent or guardian to get a library card.

Cards may be issued to non-residents at an annual fee of $150.00 per household. Non-resident cards are valid at this library only.

To get a card, you need to provide proof of residency.  A current driver's license, rent receipt, checks with printed address, and postmarked utility bills are examples of proof of address.

If you are unable to visit the library, click HERE to register for a instant digital library card.  This instant card is valid for 3 months and needs to be renewed in person with proof of residency.
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