Beyond Books

Mobile Hotspots
We are now lending Mobile Hotspots, which generate a wifi signal for your mobile devices, anywhere the hotspot can make a cell data connection. Data usage is unlimited while the hotspot is checked out. The loan period is 2 weeks plus an additional lending period if the hotspot is not on hold for another patron. Hotspots should be returned at the circulation desk, not placed in the dropbox. Hotspots will be disabled after the due date so they can no longer be used. An $85 replacement fee, plus the cost of the case will be assessed if the hotspot is more than 30 days overdue.

You can check for an available hotspot or place a hold to get the next one available here.

Chromebook Kits
Chromebook kits including hotspots are available to borrow with your library card. You can borrow a Chromebook with a hotspot for a period of two weeks, with one renewal period if allowed.  Chromebooks can only be picked up at the Milford Library’s circulation desk and must be returned to inside the Milford Library. Replacement charges will be assessed for lost Chromebooks and/or hotspots or Chromebooks and/or hotspot over 30 days overdue. Chromebooks have been made available through the MI83 Technology, Libraries and Communities project, funded by American Rescue Plan Act funds and provided by the Institute of Museum and Library Services through the Library of Michigan, an agency of the Michigan Department of Education.

You can check for an available Chromebook kit or place a hold to get the next available one here.

Board Games
Located in the center of the library, we have a collection of board games for every age and skill level. We have classics, family games, and strategy games. There's a helpful flipbook on top of the shelving that will tell you each game's age level, duration, and number of players. 

Early Learning Backpacks
Our early learning backpacks contain a variety of books, games, toys, and puzzles for our youngest patrons. Topics include ABCs, shapes, potty training, first doctor's visit, starting school, and more. 

Educational Games

Located in the aisle behind the youth desk, we have a variety of games that teach counting, basic math, shapes, and more. You can check out two games at a time for a three-week period. Educational games help children develop key skills such as problem solving, teamwork, and critical thinking.

Launchpad Early Learning Tablets
Launchpads are pre-loaded, simple to use tablets that contain apps that have an impact on developmental and educational learning. These types of apps have been proven to increase reading efficiency by 40% and to sharpen fine motor skills and improve vocabulary.  Launchpads are completely safe to use with no internet ability and no camera. 

These kits are designed to give your child the opportunity to explore the different subjects of STEAM and how they fit together in our world. Kits include: space exploration, anti-gravity magnetism, robots, and more. They include a combination of activity kits, books, and DVDs all related to the topic.

LCD Projector
The Library has 1 LCD Computer Projector that can be checked out overnight.  Please contact the Library at 248-684-0845 x.203 to reserve the projector.