Youth Space

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Welcome to the Youth Department! We offer fun, engaging activities and programs, a diverse collection including non-traditional materials like learning tablets and STEAM kits, and countless opportunities to learn. 

We have so much more than books! Our non-traditional collections include Early Learning Backpacks, Educational Games, STEAM Kits, Launchpad Tablets, puppet kits, talking books, and board games.

Activity Tables:
We have two tables of activities for your child to explore. We have coloring sheets, puzzles, seasonal games, and activities that help develop fine motor skills. These items change regularly so be sure to come back often! 

Play area:
Our treehouse provides many opportunities for dramatic play. We have a toy kitchen with a variety of play foods, puppets, building toys, and funhouse mirrors. This September we will be adding a doll house!

Scavenger Hunts:

Every few months we have a scavenger hunt designed for children ages 3 years-6th grade. Families can drop in anytime the library is open during the scheduled scavenger hunt and complete it at their own pace. Scavenger hunts typically take anywhere from ten to thirty minutes to complete and children win a small prize at the end. Completing a scavenger hunt will boost your child’s observation skills and give them an opportunity to develop problem solving skills in a relaxed environment. Check the calendar for upcoming dates. 

AWE Early Literacy Stations:
Our AWE Early Literacy Stations are located near the internet computers. Look for the computers with the colorful keyboard! The AWE stations have educational games for children ages 2-8 years. The content covers many subject areas including math, reading, science, history, geography, and more.