Reserve a Room

The meeting room facilities are available for use by Milford residents for presentation of informational, educational, or recreational meetings and programs in keeping with the mission of the Milford Public Library.

All Room reservations must be made at least 24 hours in advance.   

Milford Library cardholders interested in reserving a room, please click here and carefully read the conditions that apply for reservations.  Reservations cannot be approved for non-Milford residents. 

Please make your request through our online reservation system. Once you have made a request, the system will provide you a confirmation of your request. Confirmations can only be sent to the person making the reservation. Make sure you retain the confirmation number in case you need to cancel. You will receive an email as to whether your request has been approved.  All room reservations must be made at least 24 hours in advance.  The system will not allow you to select reservation times on the online request form if your request falls less than this minimum timeframe.

Reservations are limited. The Community Room may be reserved by a person one time in any 30 day period.  The Group Study or Tutorial Room may be reserved by a person two times in any 30 day period for a period of no more than 4 hours.  At this time, reservations outside of library hours cannot be made (Current Library Hours:  M-Th 9:30-8:00, F-Sa 9:30-5:00, Sun 1:00-5:00).  Those reserving rooms agree to vacate by the library's closing time.