Public Computers

Please read Policy 425 for a complete explanation of the Library's computer policies.  All computers are filtered to comply with the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA).

The Library provides public-use computers for patrons to access commonly used software including:

  • the Internet
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Publisher
  • Microsoft Power Point
Signing On to a Computer

Computers are offered on a first come, first served basis. A patron must have either a library card or obtain a guest pass  to log on to the computer system.

To initiate a session, patrons may use any available computers or, if all computers are in use, sign up on a wait list at the reservation station located behind the Reference Desk.

Patrons will need their library card number and their PIN in order to sign on to a computer. If the PIN is unknown, librarians will assist in providing it.

Patrons from other TLN libraries are welcome to use cards from their libraries to access computer information and print from the library's computers. Click here to see a complete list of TLN libraries.
Length of Session
All sessions are 90 minutes. Time can be extended in 30 minute increments if there is no waiting list. Under certain circumstances, time can be extended even when all computers are in use. The following conditions are: a) a patron is taking a test, b) a patron is filling out a form that cannot be saved and returned to during a new session, c) or by discretion of a librarian.
Saving Files
Patrons will need to save their files onto a USB compatible drive such as a thumb or flash drive as any files saved to the library’s computers will be deleted after a session terminates. Flash/thumb drives may be purchased at the Circulation desk.
The first five black and white pages or one color page is free. After that, prints are $.10 per copy for black and white or $.50 per copy for color prints. Additional funds up to $10.00 can be applied by the patron onto their library card. Funds applied to a library card remain on the card until expended.

Patrons using a visitor pass can pay for printing at $.10 per page for black and white and $.50 per page for color prints. Funds applied to a visitor pass expire at the end of each business day.

Refunds are only given in the case of printing problems as determined by a librarian.
Wireless and wired Internet access is available for patrons using personal devices. There may be circumstances when wireless is not available due to technical issues. Printing is available using our MobilePrint Service. Ethernet cords are available for borrowing for wired access for laptops.
Youth Computers
Computers are provided in the Youth Department for use by Middle School students and younger children. Youth computers do have filters on them.

Children who need instruction on the use of programs need an adult to assist them. The library staff cannot provide individual instruction.

Parents or guardians, not the library or its staff, are responsible for the Internet information selected and/or accessed by their children.

The Milford Public Library encourages parents to accompany their children when using the library’s computers.