DRRR!!, also known as DURARA!!, a manga, or Japanese comic, by Ryohgo Narita and his team was a good read. It was, in fact, really great to read. The first volume I picked up of it, I'll be honest, I wasn't sure what to think. It's a fairly new series that's being turned into an anime with artwork in the manga along the lines of Soul Eater, if you've ever read or seen that series. So, I decided to check it out.

 Now, halfway through the first chapter or so, I wasn't impressed. The second character introduced, Kida-Kun, wasn't really a great one. He was a bit too egotistical and, not knowing much else about him, that didn't make me like him since I usually like narcissistic characters. They're usually fun to read, and this character did have some moments, but that didn't make up for my initial first impression of him. It's a good thing he's not really a major character like Mikado Ryuugamine. Yet, at first I wasn't really impressed with him either. He was really quiet and was just sort of there. That was, however, before things started getting good. There was so much mystery and hints at forbidden love between other main character that made me want to keep reading within just the first volume. It had it's funny moments as well, and, as I read on through all the volumes the library had to offer, it kept getting better and better with main characters throwing everyone for a loop. Mikado definitely managed to become on of my favorite characters after all that along with several others. I can't wait to read what happens next, and you won't be able to either. In my opinion, boy or girl, there’s something in it for everyone to enjoy as long as you're open minded to some weird things going own (it has some supernatural elements to it, after all). But, hey, what else do you expect from manga and anime?

Oh! Something that should be noted, though, is that this series has arcs. As in, the first arc has five volumes in it and then starts the second one marked back at volume one. The first volume arc, if it can be called that since it really just sets everything up, has all the recurring characters on the front. The Second arc's first volume will have the words “Saika Arc” in red under the name of the manage. So, there you go. That's all you need to know to look for to get started. Have fun reading! I hope you enjoy!
-Reviewed By Alyssa Noch

            A one of a kind mystery you are not likely to forget. Lulu Dark makes for an unforgettable detective once her favorite purse ends up being nabbed, sending her on this high speed chase that only leads her further into mystery. It turns out there is more to this story than just a stolen knock-off. Hilarity and funny characters ensue. How will Lulu deal with all the red herrings of this story along with all the strange characters, one of which includes a rock star? Romance and mystery intertwine in more ways than one way for Lulu. You won't believe how she cracks the case.
-Reviewed by Alyssa Noch

            This novel takes a new spin on the classic romantic, “If I dated a pop-star,” scenario. With that said, I ended up loving this book like I do most of Colasanti's books. Her characters are original and stand out enough to keep the readers attention. For example, Sterling, the main character, is obsessed with fixing typos every chance she gets and loves to cook, is very good at it as well too. In the novel, she's in love with her boyfriend named Ethan, who is on his way to fame. He's what record labels would dream of, the perfect pop-star. The story leads the audience through the process of Sterling following him into fame and what happens afterward. In the end, it is a story about discovering what love really is and needing to be true to yourself. It will leave you ecstatic and wanting to read more of Colasanti's novels. Fortunately, she has seven more books at the library for people's enjoyment. (Sometimes her stories crossover with her other novels. In Now and Forever, the main character from Waiting For You, Marissa, comes in briefly and is mentioned several times.)
-Reviewed by Alyssa Noch


I recommend this book because it is a one of a kind graphic novel. It is about a manga character, Ryoko, being dropped into a comic book universe. The results are quite hilarious, poking fun at the differences between comics and mangas. Fans of both types will thoroughly enjoy this adventure. It is short, entertaining, and easy to read. The graphics are nostalgic to an old school comic book and the older manga style. These two styles combined make an interesting, new style altogether. You will not want to miss out on it.
-Reviewed by Alyssa Noch

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